Meet the New Simplified UI for Atomic Assessments

Meet the New Simplified UI for Atomic Assessments

Through efficiency and intuitiveness, digital tools can significantly enhance teaching and learning experiences. With our latest Atomic Assessments release, we're excited to introduce the new Simplified UI, designed to significantly improve discoverability and author efficiency while also preserving advanced functionality. This update is not just an enhancement; it's a transformation based on customer feedback and tailored to meet the evolving needs of educators and students alike.

Key Features of the New Simplified UI

  1. Feature Flag for Opt-In Transition: As we roll out the new Simplified UI, users can opt-in at their own pace through the Feature Flags section under Admin Settings. This approach ensures that users can familiarize themselves with new features without disrupting their current workflow.
  1. Progressive Rollout Plan: The Simplified UI will be introduced over the next few months, allowing all users to gradually adapt to the new interface. The May 7th release notes provide detailed plans and timelines, ensuring transparency and preparedness for all users.
  2. Terminology Simplification: We've streamlined the terminology used within the platform to reduce confusion and align with common educational standards. What were once "Assignments" and "Activities" are now uniformly called "Assessments," and "Items" have been clarified to "Questions," with the option for "Multi-part Questions." here, ensuring transparency and preparedness for all users.
  1. Default to Single-Question Creation: To enhance the creation process, the new UI defaults to single-question entries, simplifying the initial steps for creating assessments while preserving the flexibility to build out multi-part questions as needed.
  2. Simplified Navigation: Replacing the traditional tab-based navigation, the new out-and-back navigation system provides a cleaner and more straightforward way to move between sections within the app, facilitating a smoother user experience.
  3. In-Page Assessment Creation: This feature allows instructors to quickly create single-question assessments directly within learning management systems like Canvas, streamlining the integration and use in live educational environments.
  1. Pinned Questions: Users can now pin frequently used questions for quick access, speeding up the creation process and reducing time spent searching for specific question types.
  1. Editable Points in List View: Educators can now adjust the point values for questions directly from the list view. Changes are automatically scaled across associated multi-part questions, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

These updates are designed to reduce the time educators spend on administrative tasks, allowing more time for actual teaching and interaction with students. The simplified navigation and terminology make the tool more approachable, particularly for new users, while the editable points and pinned questions add new, frequently requested functionality.

We value user feedback as it shapes the future of our tools. Please submit any insights and suggestions through your customer success manager. This ongoing input will guide subsequent updates and feature enhancements, ensuring our solutions continuously evolve to meet user needs.

The new Simplified UI for Atomic Assessments represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to improving teaching and learning. With an emphasis on user experience and operational efficiency, we're excited to see how educators and institutions leverage these new capabilities to enrich the learning experience.

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