The Next Chapter in Higher Ed: Responding to EDUCAUSE’s Teaching and Learning Workforce Findings

The Next Chapter in Higher Ed: Responding to EDUCAUSE’s Teaching and Learning Workforce Findings

The Big Picture

Educause has provided some interesting insight into the Teaching and Learning Workforce since COVID-19. They surveyed over a thousand people from different corners of the academic world, and there are a couple of big opportunities for institutions and the organizations that support them.

Who's Doing What

We already know that the teaching and learning space is alive with varied roles and responsibilities, and almost everyone's juggling more than one ball. Budget cuts and staffing woes have pushed people to wear multiple hats (who’s heard that before?). 

Flexibility in where and how we work isn't just a nice-to-have anymore; it's a must-have. A whopping 85% of the folks surveyed are craving remote or hybrid options. Students’ desire for flexible options mirrors this trend, continuing to fuel online education.

With institutions’ varying ability to meet these needs (only 66% say they have the work flexibility option), it’s no surprise that a good chunk of the respondents are eyeing the exit. Job satisfaction has taken a hit, especially for those feeling the burn(out). Which institutions will meet faculty and staff where they are at, and which institutions will continue with traditional models?

Skills for the Digital Age

Digital literacy, especially understanding AI, is the new gold. The demand's there, but the training that institutions are providing their faculty and staff? Not so much. There's a gap between what's needed and what's provided, pointing to a massive opportunity for institutions to step up their game. The edtech ecosystem is already filling this void with tools and resources for faculty.

In Summary

Some well-publicized higher education institutions have already embraced these changes, but as evidenced by this survey, many have not. Embrace flexibility, find ways to ease the workload through powerful edtech solutions, and invest in your faculty and staff’s growth, especially in digital skills. We're at a crossroads, and how institutions respond to these needs will shape the future of teaching and learning.

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