Streamlining Course Management: Bulk Push Features now in Atomic Assessments

Streamlining Course Management: Bulk Push Features now in Atomic Assessments

Managing your assessments just got easier with our latest platform update! We're thrilled to announce two major enhancements to Atomic Assessments: the ability to Push Assessments in Bulk and the new Bulk Delete feature. These updates are designed to save educators time and simplify the management of course content across multiple classes.

Bulk Push Assessments: Share Content Effortlessly

Previously, instructors had to manually copy assessments from parent courses to each child course, a time-consuming task, especially for those managing numerous courses. To address this need for a more efficient process, we've introduced the ability to simultaneously push new or updated assessment content to multiple child courses.

Here's how you can take advantage of this new feature:

1. Navigate to the Assessment Manager and select Enable bulk actions from the three-dot menu.

2.  Choose the assessments you wish to update or share and click the Push Assessments icon.

3. Select destination courses from the list of associated courses, or add new ones by searching for them by name, short name, or SIS ID. This list includes all courses that have previously received content from the source course.

4. Decide on the content to copy, including whether to include assessment settings.

5. Hit Push, and voilà! The selected assessments will be updated across your chosen courses.

Note that when you copy a course for the first time, you must launch Atomic Assessments in the destination courses so that Atomic Assessments knows that you have author rights in those courses.

Bulk Delete Assessments: Clean Up with Ease

Alongside the bulk push feature, we're introducing the ability to delete multiple assessments at once, streamlining the process of managing course content.

To use the Bulk Delete feature:

1. Head over to the Assessment Manager and enable bulk actions.

2. Select the assessments you wish to remove and click the delete icon.

It's that simple. The selected assessments will be removed, helping you keep your course content fresh and relevant.

These new features represent our commitment to making course management as seamless and efficient as possible. We believe that by simplifying your authoring experience and reducing the administrative load on educators, we can help them focus more on what they do best: teaching. Try out these new features today and see how they can streamline your course management process. If you have any questions, please reach out to your customer service representative for additional help or instructions.

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