Streamline Course Updates with Find & Replace in Atomic Search for Canvas

Streamline Course Updates with Find & Replace in Atomic Search for Canvas

Addressing the Dynamic Needs of Educational Content Management

As the digital landscape evolves, so too does the need for educators to maintain up-to-date and accurate course content. Whether it's updating resources, replacing outdated links, or ensuring consistency across multiple courses, managing course content can be a time-consuming task. To address this, we're excited to introduce the new Find & Replace feature in Atomic Search. This powerful tool simplifies the process of updating content across your courses, saving you time and enhancing the accuracy of your digital resources.

Find & Replace allows you to quickly search and edit content across your entire course. This means less time spent manually updating each item and more time focused on teaching. With advanced search capabilities, including match case, match whole word, and regular expressions, you can pinpoint exactly what you need to change. Atomic Search allows you to preview the updates before finalizing the replacements and undo them after making changes. This precision ensures that updates are made only where appropriate, without unintended modifications.

Getting Started with Find & Replace

  1. Enable the Feature: For administrators, Find & Replace is disabled by default.  Please reach out to to enable this functionality.
  2. Authorize and Access: The first time you use Find & Replace, you'll need to authorize Atomic Search to interact with your Canvas content. This is a simple one-time setup.
  3. Search and Replace: Enter your search criteria and desired replacement text. You can refine your search to ensure accuracy and then preview the results before making any changes.
  1. Apply Changes: Once you're satisfied with the preview, use the 'Replace All' option for bulk changes or 'Replace' for individual items. If you make a mistake, the 'Undo' feature is there to revert changes.

The new Find & Replace feature in Atomic Search for Canvas is more than just a tool — it's a solution designed to meet the specific needs of educators managing digital content across multiple courses. By simplifying and speeding up the process of updating course materials, this enhancement allows educators to focus more on delivering quality education and less on administrative tasks.

We are excited to provide this new feature to our users. We value your feedback as it shapes the future of our tools. Please submit any questions or suggestions through your customer success specialist or email This ongoing input will guide subsequent updates and feature enhancements, ensuring our solutions continuously evolve to meet user needs.

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