Let’s meet up in Salt Lake City: Learning Impact Conference 2024

Let’s meet up in Salt Lake City: Learning Impact Conference 2024

Atomic Jolt is excited to be a part of the 1EdTech Learning Impact Conference, happening June 3-6, 2024, in Salt Lake City. We are preparing to showcase our latest advancements, which include sophisticated add-ons for learning management systems (LMS) and innovative classroom tools designed to elevate digital learning environments.

On Tuesday at 1 pm, be sure to attend LTI and the “Course Copy” Conundrum, an interactive presentation featuring Joel Duffin, CEO of Atomic Jolt, Andy Fisher from Penn State, Mike Johnston from D2L and Jacques Menasche from 1Edtech. Learn more about the challenges we’ve faced over many years of experience with course copy and course import. We’ll introduce the new Platform Notification and Content Item LTI services and discuss how this powerful combination of new LTI services provides solutions to long-standing problems. We believe this new combination of services will exponentially improve your user’s experience, reduce frustration, and reduce the number one source of customer support issues we’ve encountered over the years.

We are proud to participate in the LTI working group and interact with the community to help resolve this issue. These new specifications will help solve one of the largest and most persistent LTI problems. We look forward to how this will improve the instructor and student experience across the LTI community.

Our presentations will demonstrate how our products integrate seamlessly with existing educational infrastructures, ensuring interoperability and secure data exchange. We emphasize our commitment to 1EdTech standards, which enhance usability and support a unified educational technology ecosystem.

The 1EdTech Learning Impact Conference 2024 is not just an opportunity to showcase our technological expertise; it’s a chance to connect with the 1EdTech community and share our dedication to improving educational experiences through innovation and collaboration. We are excited about the potential to influence the future of education with our cutting-edge solutions and can’t wait to engage with fellow educators and professionals at the event.

Be sure to stop by our table in the exhibit area and take a demo of our LMS teaching and learning add-ons. Better yet, secure a time slot to demo below. 

We look forward to discussing our partnerships with other technology leaders and educational institutions, all aimed at driving innovation and addressing the diverse needs of learners. Make sure to venture into the exhibit hall and swing by our table. See you in Salt Lake City.

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