How Atomic Search Can Securely Power Generative AI at Your Institution

How Atomic Search Can Securely Power Generative AI at Your Institution

Generative AI brings great opportunities to university administrators, faculty, and students, especially if a powerful model such as GPT-4o, Gemini 1.5, or Claude 3 Opus can be augmented with data relevant to the conversation. A big challenge faced by an organization is how to properly scope the data so that the right person is allowed the right access. 

For the past seven years, Atomic Jolt has built Atomic Search. During that time, we researched and built the proper layers to ensure that each individual, whether faculty, admin, or student, only has access to the content that is appropriate to them. These access controls include enforcing both timing and dependency rules for release of content to students. 

Student success is our focus. Atomic Search enables them to find and learn from the content the instructor intends when the instructor intends it in both their current course and in all courses they have permissions to access. Faculty can search not only the current course but all courses they have created. After years of teaching, it’s critical that they are able to reach back in time to find the right content quickly. Administrators are given full access to institutional data so that they can quickly get a high-level view of content and the activity around that content.

What does this mean for AI at your institution? With Atomic Search, you have access to an API to power your generative AI results. Atomic Search ensures that the data used to inform your AI models are scoped to the security and content policies you’ve established at each level of your institution. This means secure access to data at the course, department, and institution level. Using Atomic Search, you can unlock the full potential of the data in your learning ecosystem, whether that data lives in your LMS or other institutional repositories. Here are just a few of the use cases powered by Atomic Search: 

  • Experiment with chatbots powered by course data
  • Improve learning outcomes through analysis of the past 10 years of course content
  • Generate learning objectives based on course content automatically
  • Generate objectives for an entire program of study.
  • Look across courses to provide students with an overall view of their educational experience
  • Generate custom formative assessments for each student in real-time
  • Breathe some life into your discussion boards by using Atomic Search to power AI-driven responses to engage students in lively discussions about your course content
  • Summarize entire programs of study, and generate learning objectives and course summaries for accreditation
  • Give instructors feedback on their course structure
  • Automatically generate syllabus

Atomic Search provides the foundation for these AI interactions and many more, opening up a world of possibilities for your institution.

Atomic Jolt is not just a software provider but a partner in your journey to realize the potential of AI to accelerate learning. Contact us to learn more about how Atomic Jolt can help you implement generative AI to improve teaching and learning. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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