Enhancing Administrative Control with New Customer Admin Features in Atomic Assessments

Enhancing Administrative Control with New Customer Admin Features in Atomic Assessments

In our continuous effort to enhance the functionality and security of Atomic Assessments, we are excited to introduce a new feature that empowers administrators with more refined control over application settings. The new Customer Admin feature flags are designed to ensure that only designated administrators have access to critical settings, thereby enhancing the management and security of educational data.

What Are Customer Admins?

Customer Admins are users who have been granted enhanced administrative privileges within Atomic Assessments. This role allows specific administrators to manage global application settings, feature flag options, and usage analytics — essential tools for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of educational platforms.

Key Benefits of Customer Admin Features

  • Targeted Access Control: Decide exactly who can modify critical settings and view sensitive data, reducing the risk of unintended changes or data breaches.
  • Enhanced Security: By limiting access to important settings, your institution can ensure that only authorized personnel can make changes, enhancing the overall security posture.
  • Customizable Administration: Adjust administrative roles to fit the unique needs of your institution, whether by limiting access to a select few or maintaining broader access across your administrative team.

Role-Specific Access Control

In the educational environment, different roles often require distinct capabilities. For instance, Teaching Assistants (TAs) may need to access student outcomes and grade attempts without the need to author content. Alternatively, a dedicated content authoring team might be solely responsible for creating questions, necessitating a simplified interface for those not involved in content creation.

We recognize these diverse needs and have developed a flexible way to tailor access to various aspects of assessment creation, delivery, and reporting based on individual customer requirements. This role-specific approach ensures that each user has the tools they need to be effective without overwhelming them with unnecessary functionality.

Administrative Capabilities for Customer Admins

As a customer admin, you will have exclusive access to:

  • Edit Global Settings: Modify overarching settings that affect the entire application.
  • Edit Course Data Table Scripts: Tailor scripts that run on course data tables for customized functionality.
  • Edit Global Authentication Token: Manage LMS access tokens.
  • View Analytics: Access detailed analytics to monitor usage and performance across the platform.

Additionally, two new options will appear in the Atomic Assessments assessment manager's More Options menu: "Admin Settings" and "User Analytics." These areas allow customer admins to manage settings and view analytics directly, streamlining the administrative process.

The introduction of Customer Admins into Atomic Assessments is a significant step forward in providing educational institutions with the tools they need to manage their platforms effectively and securely. By allowing specific control over who can access important settings, institutions can enhance their operational security and tailor the platform to meet their unique needs.

We are excited to provide this new feature to our users. We value your feedback as it shapes the future of our tools. Please submit any questions or suggestions through your customer success manager. This ongoing input will guide subsequent updates and feature enhancements, ensuring our solutions continuously evolve to meet user needs.

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