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UpThink Consulting

By Micah Murdock, CEO of UpThink Consulting and Associate Director of Online Learning at University of Utah Timestamped Outline 0:00 Introduction 1:26 What is UpThink Consulting? 5:44 What is the future of higher ed? 17:22 Practical suggestions for here and now 27:01 Using Course Templates (in Canvas) 35:49 External Tool worth knowing about What is […]


Presentation by Laura Marks, Head of Community Overview The Atomic Jolt team recently met with Laura, head of community at Virtually, a system to help manage live, online, cohort based learning. The goal of Virtually is to bring together business management (payments), learning management (event management, content resources, assignments), and student records (outcome tracking) under […]


Presentation by Tyler Rohrbaugh Timestamps In case you wanted to jump to points of interest in the video, here are some timestamps: 1:30 – Purpose of Yellowdig15:58 – Basic functionality28:09 – Best practices30:51 – Community building33:46 – Measuring engagement43:22 – Onboarding and initial training Overview Authored by Rich Kingsford, Software Development Manager and Adjunct Instructor […]

Atomic Assessment Tip: Creating Item Pools

What are item pools? Authored by Tawny Hoskin If you are familiar with Canvas quizzes, then the term “item bank” might ring a bell. This feature is not only high on the saving time list but is also an excellent way to discourage cheating. Item Pools save time Atomic Assessment is already set up so […]


Presentation by Eli Luberoff, Founder and CEO of Desmos and Meaghan Maguire, Director of Partnerships Overview Timestamped Outline 0:00 Introductions 1:00 LTI Versions 1:22 Background on Desmos 3:54 Initial Reception and Takeoff 4:27 Focusing on Access, High-Stakes Assessments, and Curriculum 5:50 Desmos Team 6:15 Business Model 7:44 Partnership Integration 8:34 Demo 20:13 Emergent Use Cases […]

Help! My grading burden is crushing me!

Authored by Rich Kingsford, Software Development Manager and Adjunct Instructor “Every semester, it seems like I have more and more tedious assignments and essays to grade. If I have to write one more red circle, I’m going to strangle someone.”I hear you… Grading is a time suck. Let’s explore a few ways to reduce your […]

I am so sick of grading papers… Automating part of your grading burden with hotstrings

Authored by Rich Kingsford, Software Development Manager and Adjunct Instructor #cryForHelp I was first asked to adjunct a class in 2012 – I was very excited.  For about 5 minutes…until I discovered adjuncting involved mountains of grading.  Especially essay grading (blech!).  But the non-whiny part of me really wants to build my students’ writing and […]

Atomic Assessments: The Gridded Question Type

Authored by Tawny Hoskin We love building quiz questions that are 1) self-graded, 2) interesting, and 3) are phone-friendly! Let me introduce you to the Gridded Question type – one of the 64 different item types in Atomic Assessments. The Gridded Question type has been developed based on the STAAR science assessments standards (Griddable Questions For […]


Presented by Michael Hakkerinen Thank you to Michael Hakkarinen, Harmonize Success Coach at Harmonize for sharing a product demonstration with our team here at Atomic Jolt!  Harmonize has many rich media features that make it fun and easy for students to engage with classmates and course content.  I was especially impressed by the variety of […]

GeoGebra – Empowering Learners With Tools of Math Construction

Presentation by Michael Borcherds, CTO at GeoGebra Overview Do you want to take your math instruction to the next level? Use GeoGebra to create endless interactive works and assessments that have the ability to give your students a true intuitive understanding of the topics in your curriculum. This is no simple online graphing calculator, but […]