Announcing the latest updates in Atomic Assessments

Announcing the latest updates in Atomic Assessments

Atomic Jolt is excited to announce the latest updates to Atomic Assessments, the 24.06 Production release, effective June 4, 2024. This release brings updates to the Simplified UI feature flags, improves the user experience, and fixes bugs. 

Simplified UI Feature Flags

The Simplified UI feature flags have undergone important changes in this release. This release does not make Simplified UI the default. These two feature flags are now enabled:

  1. Admin Control: Admins now have the ability to control whether users can turn the feature on and off.
  2. User Control: By default, users can still toggle the feature on and off for their individual use.

These changes are part of a progressive, Simplified UI roll-out plan to enhance user experience and flexibility. For more information, please refer to the progressive roll-out plan documented here.

New Features and Enhancements

The 24.06 release includes several exciting additions and improvements to the Simplified UI and to the Atomic Assessments Simplified UI documentation.

  1. Action Builder in Question Edit Menu:
    We've added the Action Builder to the list of options available in the question edit menu. This advanced tool, which is now accessible upon request, is designed to provide more flexibility and functionality when creating and editing questions.
  2. Start Screen Option:
    The question list triple-dot menu now has a new Start Screen option, making it easier for users to customize their question settings.
  3. Improved Attempt Review:
    Student attempt review will now show all items the student saw when making an attempt, even if those items have since been removed from the assignment. Previously, we would only show items that were still in the assignment at the time of review. This will help in cases where the assignment has been updated or mistakenly overwritten after students have made attempts and will more accurately reflect the score the student received on the attempt.
  4. Reduced Student Session Size:
    We've significantly reduced the size of student session data, which enhances performance on large assessments and prevents rare errors related to oversized session data.
  5. Assignment Name Synchronization with Canvas:
    The assignment name in Canvas can sometimes fall out of sync with the corresponding assessment name in the assessment list, leading to search issues. With this release, any changes made to assignment names in Canvas will automatically update in Atomic Assessments, ensuring consistency and improving search functionality.

Bug Fixes

This release also addresses several critical bugs to improve overall platform stability and performance:

  1. Timeout Error on Large Course Imports:
    Previously, importing large published courses could result in a timeout error before the import process could start. This issue has now been resolved, ensuring smoother and more reliable course imports.

The 24.06 Production release marks a significant step forward in enhancing the user experience with the Simplified UI and ensuring platform stability. We encourage all users to explore these new features and improvements. As always, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing to improve our platform.

Stay tuned for more updates and happy teaching!

Feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions or need further assistance with these new features.

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