Announcing Atomic Jolt Partnership with Anthology

Announcing Atomic Jolt Partnership with Anthology

Big news! 

We’re thrilled to share the announcement of our partnership with Anthology, a frontrunner in providing comprehensive software solutions for the educational journey. This collaboration is set to enhance the teaching and learning experience within the Blackboard Learn LMS platform through the integration of Atomic Jolt's innovative tools: Atomic Assessments and Atomic Search.

The Atomic Assessments integration with Blackboard Learn streamlines online test creation, delivery, and grading. Renowned for innovative item types, formative and summative assessments, and flexible and user-friendly interface, Atomic Assessments will provide a new and exciting way to improve the assessment process, making it more authentic and ultimately elevating the learning experience for students.

Additionally, the integration of Atomic Search into Blackboard Learn will transform content discovery and efficiency. Atomic Search provides advanced search capabilities to rapidly discover relevant content, creating an engaging and effective learning environment for instructors and students alike.

Atomic Jolt is committed to providing educators and learners with impactful tools, and we’re excited about the integration's potential to enhance the Blackboard Learn user experience. 

This strategic partnership marks a significant step forward in the evolution of educational technology, promising a more cohesive and effective learning environment for educational institutions worldwide. Both Atomic Jolt and Anthology are dedicated to leveraging their expertise to benefit the global education community, underlining their shared goal of advancing learning through technology.

You can read the press release here.

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