Atomic Assessment Tip: Creating Item Pools

What are item pools?

Authored by Tawny Hoskin

If you are familiar with Canvas quizzes, then the term “item bank” might ring a bell. This feature is not only high on the saving time list but is also an excellent way to discourage cheating.

Item Pools save time

Atomic Assessment is already set up so you can access all your questions/items across all your courses allowing you to access the same items to use in other courses or sections.

Once you author an item, you can then create a tag for the item. This tag will not only help you quickly locate the item, but also create an item pool to randomly select from.

Item Pools discourage cheating

You can author and create an unlimited number of items to be randomly selected for an exam or assignment. In addition to creating a large item pool, shuffling answers is an excellent strategy to mitigate cheating.