GeoGebra – Empowering Learners With Tools of Math Construction

Presentation by Michael Borcherds, CTO at GeoGebra


Do you want to take your math instruction to the next level? Use GeoGebra to create endless interactive works and assessments that have the ability to give your students a true intuitive understanding of the topics in your curriculum. This is no simple online graphing calculator, but a powerful mathematical tool capable of expressing concepts as simple as the quadratic formula to more high-level ones such as Möbius transformations and non-Euclidean geometry with the same level of clarity.

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Authored by Kyle Hovey, Software Developer


GeoGebra’s suite of tools can work with any math topic. Whether you are giving instruction on algebra, calculus, differential equations, statistics, or topology, GeoGebra will offer a formidable suite of tools to aide you in expressing concepts.


Constructions in GeoGebra are constraint-based, meaning that you can add certain qualities to your diagrams that must hold, and any remaining degrees of freedom are available for interactivity. For instance, you could create a parabola, a point on that parabola, and a line that goes through that point that is tangent to the parabola. The line is now fixed to the curve, but notice that nothing is specifying where the point must be on the curve. This means that you may move the point around and observe the consequences of the movement you impose.


With GeoGebra Notes you can use a smart board, touch screen, or tablet to give a lecture on an overpowered whiteboard capable of adding graphics that you can annotate freely. If a student asks a question about something on the whiteboard, rather than re-drawing you could simply interact with the graph or include another one on the fly.


With GeoGebra Classroom, you can leverage the power of custom interactive constructions in your assessments. Instead of assigning simple fill-in-the-blank style math assessments, you can have students interact with the problem and have GeoGebra determine the correctness of the answer. GeoGebra Classroom also lets you ask your whole class a question and see their responses in real-time as they interact with the problems.


Give GeoGebra a try in your classroom. It will quickly become your go-to resource for conveying mathematical topics in a clean and understandable fashion.

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