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Interactive courseware and how to use it in Canvas

Written by Joel Duffin, CEO of Atomic Jolt

2021 is almost here and we are still advancing in technology and changing the way we use technology. Online education has become more relevant than ever, and will only continue to grow.

Online education is still a territory that has it’s growing pains. Trying to solve problems like student engagement, student participation, and retention without a physical instructor to help the student can be challenging. 

Some of these problems can be solved by introducing interactive courseware to your online course.

What is interactive courseware?

You might be asking yourself, “What is interactive courseware?”. Interactive courseware is another way of saying “Interactive Questions”, which can be inserted into your course material. These questions provide more engagement for the students and help them understand difficult concepts that they are learning.

These interactive activities can give the student an opportunity to test their knowledge of the course material directly inside the content, which gives them instant feedback based on their answers. 

Allowing the student to practice with the course material can help them prepare for exams at the end of each unit. 

That all sounds great, but how do we add these questions into Canvas? 

How to add interactive courseware to Canvas?

How can you add interactive courseware to your Canvas instance? Atomic Jolt has created a tool called Atomic Assessments, that helps instructors and instructional designers create interactive questions for students. 

Atomic Assessments comes with over 65 unique question types that give you a wide variety of designing course content that can embed into any page, assignment, or quiz. 

These question types include Fill in the Blanks, Classify, Match & Order, Written & Recorded, Highlight and Drawing, Math, Graphing, Charts and Chemistry.

In my Introduction to Music course, I added a Match List question type (which you can see in the image below) to allow the students to drag and drop the answers into the right columns.

Match, Classify, and Order question type

This question is inserted directly into my Timing lesson where students just learned about the different note types. 

Atomic Assessments is a great tool to help design your online courses, and it gives your students a unique way to test their knowledge while they are still learning about it.

Contact Atomic Jolt today to get a free sandbox of Atomic Assessments. 

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