The Who, What, Why and How of the Atomic Jolt Newsletter

Written by Tawny Hoskin

Who are we?

We are a group of eclectic individuals who are united by our passion for education. Our significant others, pets and children can attest to our unsatiated drive to deliver technology based solutions that support engaging, effective, efficient teaching and learning. 

Atomic Jolt creates and supports products and services for education. We like thinking both inside and outside the box to build custom web and mobile applications for education. Customizing, enhancing, and integrating learning management systems by using industry standards and LMS APIs. We also host, maintain, and support open source Canvas for large organizations.

Why are we doing a Newsletter?

EdTech is constantly changing and evolving, but we all feel smothered by the masked fiend known as “time.”  We ourselves, want to stay current in the EdTech world, so we thought – why not pass along what we learn to save others’ time? – and the Atomic Jolt Newsletter was born.

What is the Newsletter likely to include?

  • In house presentations to our employees of the latest and greatest EdTech. We know your time is valuable – so, yes, we will not only give you a brief summary, but also a timestamped outline for convenience or selective viewing.
  • Occasional in-house blog posts on hot topics and educational tips
  • Atomic App hints and tips for using our products more effectively
  • Atomic App upgrades and new releases
  • We say “likely to include” because if you don’t like something or want something different, we can include that instead.  We’d love your feedback at (the nice kind… not the 1-star kind).

Why subscribe to the Newsletter?

We are undertaking the endeavor of researching “what’s hot”, then recording insider demo tours of the latest and greatest EdTech and freely wrapping it up in an economical package ready for consumption at your leisure. Yes, Christmas just came early this year 🙂

Do we take requests?

You bet!  We have presentations and topics lined up, but we are flexible.  Looking for a way to cultivate an online community or engage students in online learning?  Or maybe you have rescheduled a demo for your own education solution five times already… Send us a request and we will do our best to highlight your topic!

How to subscribe to the Newsletter?

Send your first born child to PO Box 529 Millville, UT 😉 or just click here to leave an email address.

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